Under the terms of the 2014-05-05 out-of-court settlement between Karen Cilevitz and Toomas Karmo, Toomas Karmo is required to publish, until 2014-10-28, at the top of the home page of http://www.karen-vs-toomas-blog.ca, the following two-paragraph disclaimer (and Toomas Karmo is not legally barred (a) from publishing this disclaimer even after 2014-10-28, and (b) from publishing this disclaimer even in places other than the place just mentioned, and even with technologies other than the Web):
I, Toomas Karmo, have a difference of opinion with Karen Cilevitz. The words written on this website are my own, and they are my opinion.
I, Toomas Karmo, have no reason to believe Ms. Cilevitz to be either (a) a payroll employee of Metrus of (b) a payroll employee of any Metrus subsidiary (including Corsica). Nor do I have any reason to believe that Ms. Cilevitz has received any other monetary benefit from Metrus or Corsica. I regret any pain I may have caused Ms. Cilevitz through my injudicious use of the phrase "working for Metrus" in my Web publishing at the site, http://www.karencilevitz.ca, which I owned from September 2013 until the domain-name transfer to Ms. Cilevitz in 2014. I freely, openly, and without reservation admit that my incautiously chosen Web words "working for Metrus" could have been interpreted by a malicious reader as "working for pay for Metrus". I herewith affirm that I did not think of this particular interpretation when injudiciously writing these words.

A blog created
by politically ambitionless,
autistic, Asperger-eccentric
Tom Karmo
to bring truth and healing
to the municipal life
of Richmond Hill, Ontario,
where it has been injured
by his controversial
former co-worker,
former comforter

Karen Cilevitz -
a 2014 Ward Five candidate
lacking necessary
Town Council qualities
of education and temperament,
and a misguided promoter of
Metrus-Corsica's projected
fourteen David Dunlap Observatory streets

UTC=20141216T162316Z: How Karen Cilevitz's lawyer issued a fresh legal challenge on or a couple of days before 2014-12-15, and how I respond - saying that I will proceed to open court if Karen wishes, representing myself as an impoverished person rather than retaining a lawyer, but additionally (this is essential) placing our mutual issue into the context of Gandhian Satyagraha.

The core of Satyagraha is conveyed, as I indeed point out in this blog posting, by Wikipedia: "Satyagraha seeks to eliminate antagonisms without harming the antagonists themselves"; its various practitioners (I hope that Karen will be in their ranks, with me) seek not "to end or destroy the relationship with the antagonist", but instead to transform it "to a higher level".

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UTC=20140307T154309Z: [Materials largely deleted under the terms of the out-of-court legal settlement of 2014-05-05, but in the wake of that settlement still permitted to describe a few meetings from Campaign Cilevitz which I attended in the first nine weeks of 2014.]

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UTC=20140218T035440Z: How Karen Cilevitz acted in the DDO conservation case, assisting it from 2008 through 2010 (by promoting full conservation of all 77 DDO Panhandle and DDO Trapezoid hectares), and damaging it from 2011 onward (by switching her allegiance, now favouring development of the DDO Trapezoid eastern half).

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UTC=20130915T020329Z: Why and how I created this blog, and why I am hosting it on a karencilevitz.ca server; how the aspiring politician Karen, the already-established politicians, the various lawyers, and the general public are welcome to contribute. (A clickable link within the blog posting - or you can click here - leads to an appendix, a detailed chronicle of the pluses and minuses in my personal relationship with Karen. I am hoping most readers will not need to spend too much time on that troubling appendix, except perhaps for its concluding, philosophico-theological, section.)

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Toomas (Tom) Karmo
42 Gentry Crescent
Richmond Hill ON L4C 2G9



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